What is an intention?

An intention is setting a plan.

Why set intentions?

Intentions are set to act as a guide or road map for your intended goal or destination. It creates clarity and gives purpose to a particular act or thing.

How to set an intention (for your jewelry)

You can use these steps for setting an intention for your jewelry or for an action or reason for doing a particular thing. We will use jewelry as an example.

  • Having already cleared the energy of your jewelry, ask yourself, “What is the reason that I am wearing this jewelry?” I wear my red waist beads to ground me. You may choose to wear the Healing Love waist beads to connect you with your heart chakra and help you understand issues related to love.  When you know your intention, move to the next step.
  • Prepare yourself to get in a peaceful state by eliminating any noise or distractions. Sit in a comfortable or relaxed position. If you are familiar with meditation, center, ground, and connect. If not, close your eyes and take long, deep breaths. Relax, paying attention to your breathing.
  • Hold your jewelry and become familiar with it. What does it feel like? Send love to it. Blow your breath on it. Speak your intention to your jewelry, out loud. Send white light to it coming from the crown of your head, through your body, your arms, and hands. Hold it in your hands while in a state of gratitude. Repeat as you feel necessary and until you feel the jewelry has been charged with the intention.
  • Release. Now that you have charged the jewelry with your intention, stop thinking about the intention. Let go.

When will I see results

It takes 21 days to affect change. Pay attention to yourself. At 10 days, you should have an idea of the impact of wearing that particular piece of jewelry. At 21 days, you should be able to see the impact. Understand that when you wear the gemstones, they are not a quick fix and they serve different purposes. Some gemstones are great at bringing issues or things we need to address to the surface. It is up to you to take necessary steps to change. Other gemstones can have a calming affect. Some may help to attract.

If you notice that a particular gemstone/crystal has an impact that you don’t like, ask yourself is it bringing up what needs to heal or is it adversely affecting you? If it is having an adverse affect, you may need to reduce the time that you wear it.