Chastity Waist Beads

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Celebrate the rite of passage to womanhood by gifting this gentle strand of Chastity waist beads. This strand was specially created to mark the beautiful occasion of a girl entering womanhood and remind her of the importance of self love.  Chastity waist beads is a combination of the loving energy of small and large rose quartz beads, a green aventurine bead, and a silver plated butterfly. The rose quartz is noted to be the young energy of love, unconsciously reminding most of being in their mother’s womb. The green aventurine is associated with the adult understanding of love. The butterfly represents transformation. The strand has an additional loop and ribbon for the option to permanently secure beads.

***This product is for young girls hence the limited lengths. If the length you need is not listed, please contact us for a price quote.

Beads: Glass, crystal  (butterfly is silver-plated)
Gemstone(s): Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine
Chakra(s): Heart (4th)
Color(s): Pink, green, silver
Care: Water safe. Rinse all salt water.


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