The energy of the gemstones help to balance and heal the chakras.

Gemstones can be charged with energy by the sun and the moon. They can also be placed outside or in a potted plant to reconnect to earth energy. You can clean or release built up energy by placing them near or on quartz crystals or selenite. They can also be rinsed under running water. Crystals, such as quartz, citrine, and aventurine are water safe but should not be constantly immersed. All other gemstones should be cared for with caution as water may disrupt their composition.

Below are the gemstones we currently use. This list will be updated as necessary.

GemstonesGemstone imageChakraEnergetic properties
Garnet Gemstones1st: RootBoosts energy, brings balance, strength and a sense of protection. It grounds.  It supports the movement of Chi in the body and the elimination of toxic energy.
Coral Gemstones1st: RootA very strong energy and should be used with care. Good for protection, circulation, depression, self-awareness, action, purging toxins, and for truthfulness.
Fire agate Gemstones1st: RootBoosts courage, is grounding,  decisiveness, security and a feeling of safety. Increases life force energy.
Lava Gemstones1st: RootStrengthens connection to the earth. Great for courage, stability, and is calming. Helps to dissipate anger and helps with guidance and understanding.
Tiger’s eye Gemstones1st: RootUsed for harmony, balance, personal strength, courage,  releasing fears, taking action, and decision making.
Hematite Gemstones1st: RootGrounding, stability, and protection. Enhances memory and helps with courage. Also known to provide pain relief.
Carnelian Gemstones2nd: SacralHelps move you towards your goals. It stimulates sexual energy, motivates and provides clarity.
Moonstone Gemstones2nd: SacralCalming and great for helping with emotional triggers, stress, and overreaction. It brings peace and harmony to the body and spirit.
Citrine Gemstones3rd: Solar PlexusTransmutes negative energy, brings joy and abundance energy. Enhances optimism, mental clarity, self-discipline,  detoxification, and it energizes.
Yellow jasper Gemstones3rd: Solar PlexusPromotes joy and positivity. It reduces stress and anxiety, and is often used for discernment.
Rose quartz Gemstones4th: HeartReduces stress and tension. Rids one of negative emotions such as jealousy, anger, and other heart emotions. It is also used to attract love.
Green Aventurine Gemstones4th: HeartIs the color of a mature heart chakra. It is used for luck, love, and to attract wealth. It brings calm, friendship, and protection.
Emerald Gemstones4th: HeartAllows one to speak from the heart bringing truth. Helps express love and adoration. Detoxifies negative energy and transforms it to a positive energy. Calming and balancing.
Amethyst Gemstones6th: 3rd Eye and 7th: CrownPromotes calm and peace. Can increase prosperity. Is used for spirituality, enhancing intuition, protection, loss and grief.
Lapis Lazuli Gemstones5th: ThroatFor truth and enlightenment. Great for spiritual growth, creativity, communication, depth and clarity when speaking, and developing intuition.
Turquoise Gemstones5th: ThroatHelps you to speak with  truth and wisdom. For protection and purification. Used to get rid of negative energy. Enhances communication. Reduces self sabotage and balances mood swings.
Quartz Gemstones7th: CrownAn amplifier of energy. Enhances thoughts, protection, healing, spiritual growth and wisdom.. Is great for meditation, and energizing other crystals.
Pyrite Gemstones6th: 3rd Eye and 3rd: Solar plexusPromotes confidence, increases will power, aids in manifestation, optimism, and protects against negative energy.
Glass (not a gemstone)Colors varyRepresents transformative energy.