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Color Energy

When you look at the blue sky, green grass, or a beautiful flower, how do you feel? Each color has a wavelength and frequency that carries a particular energy that can provide energetic nutrition. From the food we eat to the colors we choose to wear, color impacts us on a daily basis. Color energy is absorbed through eyes and skin.

Colors have been used for thousands of years to overcome energy blockages or imbalances.

The body has “chakras” which in Sanskrit means revolving wheel or vortex of energy. These energy points help balance and regulate the glands, your overall health; mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional. Each chakra has a related color. Color energy can help to restore balance to the energy wheels. If you feel the lack of any of the noted energies, use the associated color to enhance the energy.




Red1st (Root)Life force, action, vitality, stability, confidence, courage, ambition, strength, determination
Orange2nd (Sacral)Creativity, sexual,  warm, achievement, happiness, success, attraction
Yellow3rd (Solar Plexus)Wisdom, discernment, joy, intellect, happiness, change, new ideas/ thoughts, enlightenment
Green4th (Heart)Fertility, growth, harmony, healing, love, nature, acceptance, compassion
Pink4th (Heart)Love, compassion, thoughtfulness, caring, intimacy
Turquoise blue/ Light blue5th (Throat)Peace, expression, renewal, rejuvenation, trust, healing, tranquility
Indigo6th (3rd Eye)Intuition, imagination, power, integrity
Purple7th (Crown)Personal power, magic, mystery, independence, dignity
White7th (Crown)Purity, clarity, spiritual connection, goodness, innocence
Black1st (Root)Stability, calm, grounded, powerful, elegance, depth
Brown1st (Root)Peaceful, earthy, connectedness, stability, confident, solid
Peach1st, 2nd, 3rd, 7thCourage, encouragement, warm, generosity