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Chakra, in Sanskrit means revolving wheel or vortex of energy. Though there are many, most people focus on the main seven.  Each chakra is connected with a endocrine glandular system in the body. These energy points help balance and regulate the glands, your overall health; mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional. Each chakra has a related color and a musical note. Color energy, sound and gemstones can help to restore balance to the energy wheels.

If you want to know how you are doing, use the chart below to check for imbalances in your chakras.




ChakraLocationEndocrine (hormone) GlandImbalanceHealing ColorHealing Gemstones  we currently use in jewelry
1st: Root: SurvivalLower hips, genitalAdrenalsBlocked by fear.

Area for addictions and compulsions; sexual (physical, behavioral, emotional), nervous system, urinary tract, rectal, circulatory, skin, reproductive, headaches, family dysfunctions, child abuse, addictions/abuse of alcohol, hard drugs, sex, gambling, cutting, overeating, cravings for red meat and milk products.

Red, black, brown, or earthy tonesGarnet, coral, fire agate, lava, hematite, tiger’s eye
2nd: Sacral: Creativity/ PleasureAbdomenOvaries/gonadsBlocked by guilt.

“Itis” issues, appendix, kidneys, woman issues, issues from stored or stuck energy (including taking on other’s energy), creative blocks.

OrangeCarnelian, moonstone
3rd: Solar Plexus: Discernment/ WillpowerSolar plexusPancreasBlocked by shame.

Digestive/metabolic disorders, weight issues, feelings of confusion or craziness. Liver indicates anger with men or male self, spleen indicate female anger and defense issues or faulty use of female power, stomach indicates swallowing others feelings or opinions, gallbladder = resentment, pancreas.

YellowCitrine, yellow jasper, yellow jade
4th: Heart: Love/ HealingCenter of chestHeartBlocked by grief.

Heart or circulatory disease or disorder, blood pressure, lung problems, sleep disorders, relationship problems. Together with the 3rd chakra, there are coherency and caretaking issues. Addictions include abuse of chocolate, sugar and wine; love addiction (must always be “in love”), and inability to let go of a finished relationship.

Green (mature)

Pink (adolescent)

Emerald, green aventurine, rose quartz
5th: Throat: Expression/ TruthThe center of the neckThyroidBlocked by lies.

Any disorder of the throat area and mouth, thyroid, larynx, tonsils, thymus; inability to say yes or no, victimization from non-assertion, issues of over or under responsibility. Addictions result from oral fixations- must always be eating, talking, or have something in mouth. Compulsive munching on crunchy or salty foods.

BlueTurquoise, lapis lazuli
6th: 3rd Eye: InsightBetween the eyebrowsPituitaryBlocked by illusion.

Glandular or endocrine, hormonal imbalances, growth or development issues, difficulty in planning for the future, eyesight issues, headaches in the brow indicate problems with the third eye, either from over or under use, adolescent issues. Addictions- over or under eating, binging or purging, anorexia, bulimia, or other body distortions.

Indigo/ Purplish blueAmethyst
7th: Crown: DivinityIn the crown of the head (where baby spot is)PinealBlocked by ego attachment.

Immune system disorders, caner, bone disorder, nervous system disorders. Imbalance of any kind. Any problems relating to the pineal gland. Addictions involve overcommitment to a religious or spiritual group, over or under eating, compulsive use of prayer or meditation.


White and purple

Quartz, amethyst

The imbalance information listed is from the book “A Handbook for Chakra Healing: Spiritual Practice, for Health, Harmony, and Inner Peace” by Kalashatra Govinda.