Waist beads, necklaces, bracelets, and more.

Whether you choose to purchase Nadia waist beads for spiritual use, color energy work, or for their beauty, we are able to meet your needs. No length is too short or long. We complement your beauty regardless of size. All waist beads are custom made specifically to fit you. Design may slightly change based on the length by adding or decreasing the number of beads. Each set of waist beads have either a nickel free, brass, or silver (sometimes plated) clasp and are purposefully designed to be removable so that you may intentionally wear for long periods or use and remove them.

Majority of the waistbead designs have natural gemstones that were selected based on their energetic properties. If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us for a custom order.


Waist beads originated in Africa and were a sign of status, womanhood, or even wealth. While some waist beads on children are visible, traditionally, for young and adult women, waist beads are private, never taken off, and not for all eyes to see. They hold a spiritual and intimate power to the wearer where they are worn with set intentions and only seen by the husband or partner. They are often given to loved ones as gifts on wedding days, as a rite of passage for girl who is becoming a woman, or even for babies. They were often used by women to know if they have gained weight which would signal them that they may be pregnant.

How Waist Beads Are Worn

Waist beads are meant to sit low on your hips. Some choose to wear high, near the solar plexus, some, near the navel, or traditionally, resting at the hips.

Who Can Wear Waist Beads?

Everyone! Waist beads are not limited to African or Black people or any particular size or shaped woman. You can definitely rock waist beads.

  • Buy them as a gift to yourself
  • As a present from mother to daughter for womanhood or marriage
  • As a rite of passage for a girl entering womanhood and/or to remind them to be chaste
  • As a gift
  • For spiritual reasons
  • For the beauty and to connect with your feminine energy.


All About Waist Beads

  • Measure the area (directly on the skin) where you want the beads to sit.
  • Do not provide slack. If you don’t have a measuring tape, use a piece of string and mark it where the end meets. Next, use a ruler to calculate the total length.
  • To monitor weight loss, some choose to wear the beads above the navel area. This is your option. If you are fluffy and fab, and choose to wear them high, they tend to rest in the crease of your back and may move around a bit. The beads will become looser and move down as you lose weight.  You also have an option of adding extensions. See below under extensions.
  • If you plan to wear your beads over your clothes, take a measurement with your clothes on.
  • If you do not see your exact waist size, please go up to the next size. For example, if your waist is 30.25″, you would choose 30.5″ as your waist size.
  • If your size is not listed at all, please contact us for a custom order.


A jiggle of the beads can secretly remind the wearer and the mate of  their intimacy. They’re a perfect gift from a partner to remind that special person of their love.

Spiritual Use

Beads are chosen and blessed with a specific intent such as love, good health, fortune, or spiritual connectedness. These are the beads that are not shown to the public as to keep the intent and energy private.

Color Work

Each color has and energetic property and corresponds to a specific chakra center in the body. Each of the seven main chakras (energy points) are energy vortexes that are responsible for disseminating energy throughout the body and are connected to a endocrine (hormone) gland. Each chakra has a corresponding color that has the same frequency. This allows you to use color to help balance your chakras.


If you choose to have waistbeads specifically for adornment, to complement an outfit, or to spice up your love life, these beads should be worn separately from those that are for spiritual or energetic use.

Weight Monitor

Women are using beads today to monitor weight gain and weight loss. Our extensions can help you monitor your progress with the ability to detach a portion of your beads (extensions) as you lose weight. If your intention is to gain weight, it will be noticeable as the beads become tighter.


Extensions are great! They can be use as a dangle or as a way to measure weight loss or to adjust the size of your beads for weight gain. They are made in 1 inch, 2 inch, or 3 inch increments. Any other length is a custom order. If you choose to use them for weight loss, the way to calculate the length and number of extensions you need are to:

  • Write down your goal waist size. (Example 34 inches)
  • Write down your current waist size. (Example 40 inches)
  • Subtract the goal size from the current size. 40-34=6
  • Then choose the size of the extensions you would like. Total should equal 6 inches.

If you have gained weight:

  • Take a new measurement of your waist and write down the size. (Example 34 inches)
  • Write down the length of your current beads (Example 30 inches)
  • Subtract 34-30=4. You need extensions that total 4 inches.