Waist beads, necklaces, bracelets, and more.

Nadia’s Jewels is an energy conscious brand providing jewelry that complements your life journey by inspiring hope, change, and growth. Each piece is purposeful, allowing you to combine your intention with its natural energy to make a positive life impact.

The Creator

As a visual artist, Kijana has always looked to nature for inspiration. She remembers walking the beach of Lake Michigan as a young woman, and picking a bag full of sea glass; pieces of glass that had been smoothed by the sand and water, wondering how she could create jewelry from it.

That idea never left her mind. Life took her on a spiritual ride and her love of the beauty of the earth has renewed her desire to share the healing power of color and energy.

Still intrigued by nature, the sea glass has been replaced by glass beads, crystals, gemstones, and leather. She explores African traditional jewelry and encourages the use of such items as waistbeads and the trademark Warrior Cross Body Beads to use the influence of intention, color, and gemstones.

The name Nadia is paying homage to Kijana’s higher self. She invites you to explore and grow with her as she continues to share inspired creations that benefits everyone through energy, connection to spirit, and Mother Earth.